A comprehensive comparative copyright analysis tool

for songwriters, composers, publishers, and legal firms.

“I think the technology is cutting-edge

for purposes of identifying substantial similarity in two pieces of music, in terms of rhythms, beats, and extrinsic similarity,”

Richard Wolfe, litigating copyright attorney in Miami, FL who has used Music Fact Reports in his current caseload.

About the Inventor

Mr. Matusiak is an expert in the fields of mathematics, programming, and music theory.

His groundbreaking application of advanced artificial intelligence algorithms for the analysis, transformation and creation of music forms the basis of DigiTrax’s disruptive approach to music composition, and has generated seven granted patents. As the software architect of The Music Builder platform, his pioneering vision is grounded in both theoretical and practical knowledge of music theory. Mr. Matusiak has garnered multiple awards in the field, while completing his studies at Leeds College of Music in the U.K.

As Co-founder and Lead Developer for Exomens, Ltd., Mr. Matusiak researched, designed, and implemented multiple large-scale artificial intelligence projects, including systems for music, audio, and natural language analysis. Mr. Matusiak taught chess, wrote Mandarin-language conversion software, played guitar and keyboards with his award-winning band and pipe organ at Leeds Cathedral, and set world records in racing video games.

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